RFT Tyres

New Technology of the 3rd Generation

Having the capability to continue driving in a vehicle after a puncture for as much as 100 kilometres greatly enhanced Bridgestone’s reputation for safety and reliability. In the early eighties, the critical safety dimension that run-flat tyre (RFT) technology gave to the driver was compromised, however, by a less comfortable ride. Even the first mass production vehicle to fit RFT as standard equipment, the Porsche 959, was not able to offer a ride as smooth as conventional tyres. A second generation of RFT, introduced by Bridgestone in 2005, did much to alleviate this issue. But it was only in 2009, with a third generation, that Bridgestone accomplished a ride comfort indistinguishable for the very finest conventional tyres.


Grip The Road With Pure Precesion

The Bridgestone POTENZA S001 Run-Flat Technology tyre is developed as Original Equipment for premium high performance sports cars, coupes and sedans. The design provides maximum sports performance in dry and wet conditions.

  • High Speed Performance.
  • Wet Control
  • Grip


Premium Origional Fitment Psr Tire

The Potenza RE050A is an ultra high performance tyre that uses technology developed through Bridgestone’s involvement with Formula One.Chosen by Ferrari and Porsche, it offers dynamic sporty handling with excellent control, stability and steering response.

  • Ultra High Performence
  • Confident Wet And Dry Traction
  • Engineered For Response And Control


Master Your Journey

The Turanza T005A has been designed for motorists who want the highest level of ride comfort combined with Bridgestone's legendary levels of quality and safety. Its superior design and noise-reduction technologies set a new standard for extreme quiet, while the outstanding dynamics and better water dispersion lead to a high level of safety and comfort.

  • Premium Performance
  • Superior Wear Life
  • Best-in-class Wet Performance


Superior Safety And Comfort

The TURANZA T001 was developed with luxury touring in mind and is original equipment on prestige cars including Mercedes-Benz and Mazda 6. The tyre combines a unique tread design with noise reduction technology to deliver superior performance and ride comfort.

  • Reduced Road Noise
  • Touring Comfort
  • Longer Wear Life


Challenge The Road With Total Control

The DUELER H/P Sport is designed to give luxury SUVs the driving characteristics of a high performance vehicle. Developed as original equipment for selected vehicles, the tyre delivers excellent handling, steering and in-car comfort.

  • Wet Control
  • Comfort
  • Robustness


Experience The Luxury Of Power

Complement your SUV with ALENZA 001 tyre to bring out the best in your dynamic driving experience. It is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the handling performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort. No matter the journey, ALENZA 001 is designed for power and pleasure.

  • Dynamic Driving Experience
  • Excellent Steering Performance
  • High Quality Ride Comfort