Sports Tyres

Racing-inspired performance.

Bridgestone’s SPORTS range responds to the persistence of drivers who always aim for the top in the motorsports world and pursue the outermost limits of speed that current technology allows. They meet the challenge of evolving the driving experience as well as realizing the greatest performance possible today.


Master Your Journey, Awaken Your Senses

Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a high-performance tyre that enables you to maximise the full potential of your vehicle and continue on your journey in complete control.

  • Best cornering stability
  • Best straight line stability
  • Best dry braking


Grip The Road With Pure Precesion

The Bridgestone POTENZA S001 is developed as an Original Equipment for premium high-performance sports cars, coupes and sedans. The tyres provide excellent sports performance, grip and handling in dry and wet road conditions.

  • High Speed Performance
  • Wet Control
  • Grip


Unlock Your Performance

Incorporating technologies such as 3D-M Shaped Sipes and the Kevlar Flipper & Hybrid Spiral, every detail of this high-performance tyre has been calibrated to deliver maximum control and response, on both dry and wet roads. Beyond an exhilarating drive, the POTENZA S007A will also go the extra mile with enhanced durability. Now that is the true anatomy of performance.

  • High Speed Performance
  • Wet Control
  • Grip


Premium Original Fitment Psr Tire

The Potenza RE050A is an ultra high performance tyre that uses technology developed through Bridgestone’s involvement with Formula One.Chosen by Ferrari and Porsche, it offers dynamic sporty handling with excellent control, stability and steering response.

  • Ultra High Performence
  • Confident Wet And Dry Traction
  • Engineered For Response And Control


Dont Just Take Corners. Rule Them.

Take to the streets with the new Bridgestone Potenza RE004 and discover the thrill of driving. With amazing handling and high responsiveness in sharp turn-ins, you’ll feel the road more acutely while enjoying greater stability and control. This isn’t just a tyre that’s built for drivers; it’s a tyre that’s built for the drive.

  • Superior Grip
  • Maximum Control
  • Precise Handeling