Tyre Safety

Bridgestone's Pledge to Tyre Safety

The sole contact between the car and the road is a patch of tyre the size of a palm.

Only if motorists fully trust their tyres can they rely on their cars to go, turn and stop as they expect. Today's ever-changing driving environment poses a constantly evolving challenge for Bridgestone and its products.

Bridgestone's passionate commitment to safety and comfort inspires and sets new standards of technological advancement. Nonetheless, Bridgestone's commitment alone is not enough. The consumer's co-operation in regular tyre inspections and ideal air'pressure maintenance is of equal importance. Only then is stress-free driving enjoyment possible. Similar to two wheels turning in perfect synchronization, Bridgestone's long-term goals involve steady advancement of technology and greater consumer awareness for tyres to ultimately carry society to greater safety. Bridgestone is committed to working with all motorists in promoting tyre safety.

About safety symbol

Working together for Tyre Safety

Bridgestone has created a symbol to symbolize its Tyre Safety activities. We have created this symbol so that people will be instantly reminded of “Tyre Safety.” Tyres are vital commodities in which families entrust their lives when they drive. We have captured your happiness in smiling faces and represented them in “circles” just like tyres. Important relationships that exist between each smile have been formed into a design, and our wish for your safety is embodied by the blue color which evokes peace of mind and care.

Tips About Tyre

Considering how important tyres are for a smooth and safe drive, it is surprising just how quick and it is easy to care for your tyres. By following our tyre care tips, and conducting simple regular checks, you will not just save time and money, but more importantly, stay safe on the road

Do a daily visual check

  • Check that all tyres have about the same inflation pressure.
  • Check the sidewalls for cracks or unusual bulges.
  • Check for and remove any foreign objects (e.g. stones or nails) that could puncture you tyre.

Do a monthly tyre pressure check

  • Use a proper tyre guage to measure tyre pressure.
  • Check pressure and inflate only when the tyres are cold. (a hot tyre will show inaccurate reading due to inflation)
  • It takes as long as 4 hours for a tyre to cool down so it's best to check tyre pressure first thing in the morning.
  • Your vehicle tyre pressure chart can usually be found on the driver's door frame or in your owner’s handbook.
  • Don't forget to also inflate your spare tyre.

Check for irregular wear

This is when one section of the tyre is more worn than the rest and occurs when:

  • Tyres are not uniformly inflated.
  • Tyres are not balanced.
  • Wheels are out of alignment.

Rotate tyres every 8,000 – 10,000 km

  • Visit a reputable tyre shop or garage for tyre rotation.
  • Check your owner's handbook for rotating sequence.
  • Have your tyres balanced at the same time.

Check the tread depth indicator

  • All tyres come with a tread depth indicator. (see diagram)
  • When the indicator is flushed with the rest of the tread (usually about 1.6mm), it is time to change the tyre.

Check the wheel alignment

  • Misaligned wheels cause tyres to wear more quickly and irregularly, and prevents the vehicle from running or braking in a straight line. The suspension and steering components will also be subjected to extra stress.
  • It is a good idea to have your wheels aligned by a computerised alignment machine. A reputable workshop should have the wheel alignment specifications of your vehicle model.

Check Your Tyre Size

195/55R16, 245/45ZR18.... these are probably the most common tyre markings and configurations that any motorist will come across when choosing and purchasing tyres. What do they mean? In short, it states the size of the tyres and the size of the rims that the particular tyre will fit.

Safety Campaign

The Safety campaign was started to enhance tyre safety awareness amongst the drivers in the Middle East & Africa region. This program was started in 2011 and has continued since in different countries in the region to educate families and individual booth visitors on tyre safety tips and the importance of proper tyre maintenance to ensure safety, and help drivers save on fuel. So far, the Safety campaign has made its round in different shopping malls in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria & Mauritius. Along with tyre safety tips, drivers also receive know-how to select the right tyre for their car to enhance the driving experience. The Safety campaign booth also hosts a section dedicated to children where they can have fun with eco-themed drawing activities and face painting while their parents learn about tyre safety.

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