Comfort ( TURANZA) Tyres


Comfortable reliability

  • TURANZA seeks to achieve the high-level balance that luxury car owners seek, combining comfort, security, driving performance, and advanced technology.
  • TURANZA will constantly improve the drivers' performance,utilizing cutting-edge tyre technology to achieve the ideal driving conditions for the drivers of world-class luxury cars.


First Class Comfort

  • Exceptionally Smooth Ride
  • Superior Silence
  • Assured Confidence


The Turanza GR-90 offers the ultimate in ride comfort, noise reduction and handling. Its superior design and noise-reduction technologies set a new standard for extreme quiet, while the outstanding dynamics and better water dispersion lead to a high level of safety and comfort. The Turanza GR-90 has been designed for motorists who want the highest level of ride comfort combined with Bridgestone's legendary levels of quality and safety.


TURANZA represents Bridgestone’s passion for setting high standards in performance touring tyres and delivering a premium touring experience. The TURANZA AR-20 embodies a refined balance of comfort and safety. Its advanced design delivers a smooth, quiet ride combined with better braking and responsive handling --- without sacrificing superior wet performance.